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Jun 2 10 10:40 PM

Thanks Jools for tweeting about that Dementium 2 contest. I won! I'll soon be able to say I own all of Renegade Kid's games.

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Jun 3 10 4:42 AM

Just joined after stumbling across Jool's Youtube channel while looking for stuff relating to Dementium on Youtube. Picked up the original Dementium not long after it was released in Europe (Stumbled across it in a bargain bin while I was trying to find The World Ends With You funnily enough) and I can honestly say I was genuinely amazed by the quality of both Dementium games compared to most other DS titles in the genre (And most other games in the genre across all platforms that matter) especially coming from an literally unheard of Indie developerl ike yourselves. We truly need more development teams like Renegade Kide in the industry, especially given the state of gaming as it is.

That said, figured I'd join up and show some support.

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#23 [url]

Jun 3 10 6:27 PM

Holy woah, this is awesome! Coincidentally, I had this bizarre dream last night in which Jools and I went square dancing at some geeky game convention. I was rather upset when I woke up and realized none of it actually happened, because now I just feel like a stalker.

*Awkward silence*
Gopher has joined the party!
In all seriousness, the Dementium titles are a brilliant addition to the DS library. Although I have yet to find myself a copy of Moon, Renegade Kid never ceases to impress me with their unique design and hardware expertise. As a game developer in the making, that serves as a huge inspiration to me. It's no exaggeration when I say Dementium 2 is one of the greatest games I've ever played, and I can't wait to see what surprises my favorite development team has in store for us in the future. :)

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#24 [url]

Aug 3 10 3:26 PM

Hi i´m new my name is DarKevin, i live in spain, and i´m the best player of Dementium hehe, i make walkthroughs in youtube of dementium and other games...
pdt: i´m here because Dementium is the better game that i can play in my life, i was bored of the nds, when i found this game i impressed is undoubtedly the best......
thanks jools, for make this games...

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#27 [url]

Aug 4 10 2:34 AM

Hola soy nuevo mi nombre es DarKevin , vivo en España , y Soy El Mejor Jugador de Dementium jeje , Yo Hago tutoriales en youtube de Dementium y Otros juegos ...
PDT : Estoy aquí porque Dementium es el juego mejor que puedo jugar en mi vida , yo estaba aburrido de la NDS, cuando me encontré con este juego me impresionó es sin duda el mejor ......
gracias joyas, para hacer este juego ...
[ / quote]

¿El mejor? Te reto a pasarte el juego antes que yo, mi récord es 1:13 horas y pienso hacer más xD.

Soy stonecoldwhat2, bienvenido al foro, ojalá esta gente también háblase castellano :/

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#28 [url]

Aug 4 10 6:09 AM


I pass dementium 1 and 2 on 1 hour hehe in level hard, and i´ll upload the photo xD...

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#29 [url]

Aug 4 10 12:10 PM

I've got just one question. Do you use an Emulator or a DS? (For the walkthroughs)

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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#33 [url]

Sep 27 10 4:59 AM

Hi i a huge fan of dementium the ward and dementium 2!
i defeated dementium 1 in 1:20
dementium 2 normal mode in 1:40
P.S. i love this forum!

"These things, They start happening right after your sugery we we let it out. God help us all!"

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#34 [url]

Mar 2 11 3:15 AM

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#35 [url]

Mar 2 11 12:30 PM

Sorry, if it sounds unfriendly, but this is the wrong place for your ads...

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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#36 [url]

Dec 10 14 1:33 AM


I'm here to enjoye and support others.

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