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May 3 10 11:36 AM

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Which of Dementium's 6 boss battles were your favourite? Incase you've forgotten, they are; The Cleaver, The Wheelchair, The Green Room, The Cleaver Returns, The Wheelchair Returns and The Doctor.

My favourite would be the Green Room, followed by The Cleaver. The Green Room was by far the most challenging part of the game, not to mention one of the creepiest. Having the leeches wandering around really made you panic. The Cleaver gets points too for having what is possibly my favourite music track in the game and being a generally entertaining boss fight. Even if he tends to get stuck on corners sometimes...

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May 3 10 10:21 PM

Yeah, it took 2 tries to understand how to beat the Doctor for me :P

The most challenging boss fight was the "green room", the leeches came from everywhere!

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May 4 10 1:09 PM

The Cleaver was fun, but I wouldn't say my favorite, however i did love the beginning cut scene with him cutting up the body right before you vs him 

The return of the cleaver was too easy, to the point where all you had to do was have some ammo, stand in the back of the elevator and shoot, and he can't get ya, doesn't even try to attack ya, just runs and keeps running while stuck, and I did try this with different versions of the game, although some funny weight loss jokes did come from it...

Wheelchair, was epicly fun, but still not my favorite, as not noticing when he was reloading kinda got annoying when your an idiot like me

The Wheelchair's return was basically the same...

The greenroom, fun, fun, fun, and annoying with the infantile musculus (that's what they are called right?) screaming constantly, but probably my favorite

The doctor was too easy to be a final boss, and also I would have liked different boss music, but O well, fun boss anyway 

So the Greenroom wins!

I'm not going to kill you William, I'm just going to rip your soul out and devour it...

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May 5 10 3:22 PM

Cleaver. No doubt-a-bout it. I didn't expect this game to be so darn scary! and all of a sudden, a fat, meaty THING charges at you with the scariest $*%&ing breathing EVAR, and no hands, just a cleaver and a huge-ass needle.


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#12 [url]

May 8 10 9:53 PM

Most definetly the cleaver. Both fights were pretty easy if you had a strategy but were still fun.

Beat Dementium 2 on normal first time in 3:49. And it was glorious.

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May 9 10 10:59 AM

I want a cleaver or a chest maw plushie!


bah why a plushie, go for something a bit more, like a figurine on a stand, basically something I can display on my desk with my yoshi, giritina, luigia, and alex mercer statues/figurines

I'm not going to kill you William, I'm just going to rip your soul out and devour it...

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Jun 3 10 7:15 PM

My personal favorite would have to be The Cleaver, although his reputation was kinda ruined for me the second time you fight him from the elevator. He literally cannot damage you if you don't move, which I don't think was intentional, but totally butchered the boss fight. ...No pun intended.

I loved the rest of Dementium's boss fights too, but The Cleaver is just badass. XD

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