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Jun 4 10 7:09 AM

Naw. All that "you can't defeat me" taunts made me awful disappointed when I did. I was expecting something huge and some "holycrapthisissofreakinghard" ds throwing action. Then I just shot him a couple times in the face with the revolver.

Beat Dementium 2 on normal first time in 3:49. And it was glorious.

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Jun 10 10 9:55 AM

definitely the doctor...and the green room. The doctor because he would always do the "Force" on you and lift you up the air. i didn't know that you can shoot his hands to make him drop you untill my 5th try fighting him.

The green room because i ran out of machine gun and shotgun ammo to quickly. plust the worms got annoying blending in the background. the second time was easier- i survived with one health to spare!

"Let the records show, that as of 3:33 AM, the patient has survived Phase one of the operation.Prepare for Phase 2."

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#25 [url]

Jul 30 10 3:04 PM

probably the doctor, cause he is THE BEST character

Soon the plane of anguish will burst through to our worlds, the sun will black, blood will fall like rain, and the air will be filled with the music of pain....

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#27 [url]

Sep 29 10 3:45 AM

In my personal Opinain it has to be the wheelchair guy because i had a lot of trouble defeating him for the first time till i realise i have to wait till he reloads.

"These things, They start happening right after your sugery we we let it out. God help us all!"

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May 25 12 9:43 AM

I want a cleaver or a chest maw plushie!


Seconded! Make it happen RK dudes.

Mine would have to be The Wheelchair or The Doctor. Doctor actually took me four or five tries to beat, but I'm kind of weaksauce at FPS games I guess.

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