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Jun 9 10 5:54 PM

My favorite moment in the game was when you kill the wendigo witch ( A.K.A Elizabeth) and after the cutscene devastating music starts playing in the church...Actually, alot of moments in the game were awesome!

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Sep 29 10 3:19 AM

My favorite moment was when the wendigo witch transform into your wife and say " William help me" and a touch her and she screams
So funny how she did it! grin

"These things, They start happening right after your sugery we we let it out. God help us all!"

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Oct 6 10 12:19 PM

My favourite was at the beginning of Chapter 4. When you stand before the Lighthouse, look at the mine entry, and this creepy music begans to play. That was the best Horror-Atmosphere ever.

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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