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May 10 10 6:40 PM

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My favorite weapon is the electric buzz saw :D it is very powerful! I found a glitch like trick to kill zombies easily! All you do is run up to them, and just keep pressing L! Don't hold L, just keep pressing it and watch the magic. It's faster to kill them by tapping L rather than holding L. This is why I like the buzz saw. Anyone else have another favorite weapon? Post your opinions.

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May 10 10 7:00 PM

I really like the Ancient Relic/Boomerang. It's an interesting weapon choice and fun to use

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May 10 10 8:47 PM

lol AWESOME! I like the Ancient relic and now I like the nail gun because of what jools told me about it. But I also like the ancient relic because it can push back those black ghost guys :o

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May 12 10 1:37 AM

The Nail-gun :D
But unfortanetly there is too less ammo in the game :(

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May 12 10 2:02 AM

now that I've got it, the nailgun.
awesome design, very powerful, and you can use it with a flashlight. what's not to like?
second is probably the flamethrower, just because it's pretty original.

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May 12 10 2:06 AM

I want to say the Relic was my favorite...but really, it was that damn Sledgehammer. Something about is so quintessentially at the heart Dementium, to the point that I found myself thinking things like "Just die already you awful ****ing monster" while I was using it, keeping in mind that they represent the mental state of William.

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May 16 10 3:03 AM

against the ROFLs the ancient relic is ftw!
i havent got the buzzsaw yet, but my favourite weapon is probably the sledgehammer, i realised you could actually charge up the sledgehammer in the graveyard part, which makes killing chest maws so easy!
nail gun seems kool, but why would a nail gun be quicker at killing things than a revolver? O.o

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May 20 10 10:40 AM

Favorite weapon in the game would have to be the Sledge Hammer. For 85% of the kill-able enemies, like the guards or the Chest-Maws, this weapon worked great. Just hold down the fire button for full effect and knock-down/stun the enemy long enough to back away and recharge the power swing. After I learned how effective it was when going through the survival mode, it was the most rewarding weapon to use.

My second favorite had to be the Relic, as that also required some skill to master, especially if you could get the Chest-Maw to turn around and have a double run through their hearts.

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May 22 10 12:21 PM

The Shank. I Know, Weird, But I Preferred Shank To The Revolver 99% Of The Time. It Seems So Right To Wander The Halls With Nothing But A Knife And Occasional Torchlight.

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#10 [url]

Jun 10 10 2:38 PM

definetly the relic...and the machine gun. you feel like your in the military or something armed with you're machine gun. the relic i like because its a medium distance weapon with no ammo limits. It does it's drop best against most people in survival mode.

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Oct 4 10 12:02 AM

I really like the Buzz saw it has to be my favitove! :)

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Jan 23 11 11:02 PM

The flamethrower is kinda alright, But when it runs out its useless!

"These things, They start happening right after your sugery we we let it out. God help us all!"

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