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May 12 10 2:09 AM

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What is your favourite monster in Dementium II?
I think the chest-maws, the black fog with the eyes and the wendigo witch are the best.
What do you think?

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May 12 10 2:18 AM

Bosses of chapter 2, 4 and 5 should go without question.
I liked the chestmaws and the four legged laughing creatures a lot too, as well as the large enemies you face in ch. 3 & 4.

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May 14 10 2:14 AM

I personally didn't like the look of the Chest Maws this time around. It also felt a bit lonely without The Cleaver. I miss that guy ;__; Favourite enemy ... probably the Green Mantis-like creatures that you can only kill with the Flamethrower. I really like their design, it feels like something out of Resi Evil

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May 22 10 7:57 AM

My favourite ennemies are surely the rifle guards! They are cool when the rool on the ground and it ads variety to the gameplay when we fight ranged enemies.

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#5 [url]

May 22 10 12:26 PM

I Hated The Rifle Guards. Damned Things Shot Me When I Was Hiding For Cover. Although I Snuck Up On One, So They Aren't All Bad.

Probably... Chest Maws. But I Wish They Would Fall Down "Knocked Out" In The Later Chapters And You'd Have To Burn Them Too. I Never Had A High Incentive To Use The Lighter, Besides Watching A Wailer Cough On Fire...

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#6 [url]

Sep 29 10 3:36 AM

I will say the Male screaming heads.
Because if you dont use your flash light and you hear them crying and moaning and then when you turn around... BAM it right in front of your face spitting battery acid out of it mouth!

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#7 [url]

Jan 6 11 9:17 AM

Malatesta, the boss at the end. He is pretty damn cool. Don't forget about the boss you have to use dynamite to kil.

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