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Silent Hill 2 features a third-person perspective, with various camera angles for different areas of the map in contrast to simply always having the player view the game from behind the back of the player character, James Sunderland.The main screen does not feature a heads-up display, so exact information on ammunition and health can only be checked by pausing to view the item menu screen.There is also no mini-map, and consequently, maps have to be checked through a separate 
function.Maps are collected throughout the game, and can only be read if there is sufficient light or when James' flashlight is on.James will update relevant maps to reflect locked doors, clues and obstructions.James will also write down the content of all documents for future reference.Much of the game play consists of navigating the town and finding keys or other items to bypass doors or other obstructions, with less focus on killing enemies.Occasionally puzzles will be presented, often with 
riddles left for the player to interpret.The difficulty levels of the enemies and the puzzles are determined independently by the player before starting the game.Like in the first Silent Hill, James keeps a radio with him which alerts him to the presence of creatures by emitting static, allowing him to detect them even through the thick fog.He will also tilt his head in the direction of a nearby item or monster.The default control for Silent Hill 2 has James moving in the direction that he is facing when the player tilts the analog stick upwards.Additionally, there are a total of six weapons available: three melee weapons and three firearms, with another two melee weapons—a chainsaw and hyperspray—unlocked during replays.Throughout the game, James can find health restoratives such as first-aid kits and health drinks, and ammunition.

Doom 3 is a story-driven action game played from a first-person perspective. As with previous Doom games, the main objective is to successfully pass through its levels, defeating a variety of enemy characters intent on killing the player's character.Doom 3's more story-centered approach, however, means that the player often encounters friendly non-player characters, who provide key plot information, objectives and inventory items. The game incorporates ten weapons for the player's use to survive, including conventional firearms and explosives such as a submachine gun, shotgun and grenades, experimental plasma weaponry, and the traditional BFG 9000 and chainsaw weapons of the Doom franchise.Enemies come in multiple forms and with different abilities and tactics, but fall into two broad categories of either zombies or demons. Zombies are humans possessed by demonic forces, who attack the player's character using their hands and melee weapons or a variety of firearms, 
while demons are creatures from Hell, most of which attack using claws and spines, or by summoning plasma-based fireballs.The corpses of demons are reduced to ashes after death, leaving no trace of their body behind.A demon in Doom 3, attacking the player. The majority of the game takes place within the futuristic base.The game's levels are fairly linear in nature and incorporate several horror elements, the most prominent of which is darkness.This design choice is not only intended to 
foster feelings of apprehension and fear within the player, but also to create a more threatening game environment in which   the player is less likely to see attacking enemies.This aspect is further enhanced by the fact that the player must choose between holding a weapon and holding the flashlight, forcing the player to choose between being able to see and having a readied weapon upon entering a room, which consequently leads to a more deliberate pace for the player.In addition, 
the levels are regularly strewn with corpses, dismembered body parts and blood, sometimes used in conjunction with the game's lighting to disorient the player.Frequent radio transmissions through the player's communications device also add to the atmosphere, by broadcasting certain sounds and messages from non-player characters meant to unsettle the player. Early in the game, during and directly after the event that plunges the base into chaos, the player often hears the sounds of fighting, 
screaming and dying through their radio transmitter. The ambient sound is extended to the base itself through such things as hissing pipes, footsteps, and occasional jarringly loud noises from machinery or other sources. Often ambient sounds can be heard that resemble deep breathing, unexplained voices and demonic taunting from the game's antagonists.Early in the game,the player is provided with a personal digital assistant (PDA). PDAs contain security clearance levels, allowing the player 
to access certain areas that are otherwise locked and off-limits. Additionally, the PDA can be used to read e-mails and play videos that the player's character acquires during the game. Whenever the player picks up any of the other PDAs found throughout the game, its contents are automatically downloaded to the player's own device. Other PDAs often contain e-mails and audio logs for other characters, which can provide useful information such as storage or door key codes, as well as significant plot details.

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