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Aug 1 10 4:24 PM

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Hey Guys,

I think about a Dementium for the 3DS. What do you think? Should it have 3D? Or no 3D, but better graphics*?

I think it should have no 3D, cause it would make no sense. I mean, what would you could do with 3D?
So, I think it should have better graphics*, for example nice shadows, more polygons, better textures.

But. I'd love to hear your opinoin.


* In the 3D mode, the 3DS must render everything second times, so the graphics aren't so good as in 2D

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Aug 1 10 4:41 PM

He he, "second times".

I would love to see a Dementium for 3ds. I would probably go for the 3d, if just for the novelty. and how much scarier would it be to see a chest maw ACTUALLY COMING TOWARD YOU IN 3D??!!! Quite a bit, I'm guessing.

Beat Dementium 2 on normal first time in 3:49. And it was glorious.

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Aug 1 10 10:53 PM

i would like better graphics because the 3ds would probaly look like D1 chestmaws and similiar small details that you notice here and there. besides i think it would to complicated to have it in 3d.

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Aug 7 10 1:34 AM

It should be in 3D. Contrary to what everyone seems to assume, the depth providing by the 3D makes the image looks a hell of a lot better than the 2D counterpart; especially in a game going for realism. Besides that the 3D has huge potential application for the puzzle elements.

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Aug 16 10 4:16 PM

It shouldn't be in 3D. It just needs better graphics. Let's not take a step back just because 3D is the new thing. Lets make the game better first.

Personally I can't play anything in 3D cause I get headaches. It isn't fair that I'm not gonna be able to play many of the games on the new system because of this problem. Support us folk who can never do anything with 3D.  

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#6 [url]

Aug 16 10 9:34 PM

You can play all 3ds games in 2d. But you can't watch 3d at all? MAN that sucks.

Beat Dementium 2 on normal first time in 3:49. And it was glorious.

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Aug 22 10 7:53 AM

Its my life. I blame my mother's genes. She has the same problem.

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#8 [url]

Jan 23 11 11:06 PM

It should be so when you turn your 3ds to the right the room tilts or something?

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Mar 13 11 12:47 PM

I would love for dementium to come to the 3ds. Those games are great, and managed to scare me many times, even though it is on a ds. The games seem like the hardware was holding them back, because they pushed the hardware to the max, and with the 3ds, they could take the game to new heights that they couldn't do with the 3ds. I also think that the 3d could be great for the series, because it would add an extra amount of tension and fear when enemy monsters can be seen moving closer in 3D! I hope this comes to the 3ds eventually, I just hope that they can have extra content, like a longer storyline, and maybe even multiplayer. Get on it Jooles! :D

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#11 [url]

Mar 13 11 12:51 PM

It should be so when you turn your 3ds to the right the room tilts or something?


This wouldn't really work, if dementium would be in 3d, then this feature wouldn't be useful, the gyro and motion sensors dont work when using 3d, simply because of the sweetspot of the stereoscopic 3d screen. If this was used in a FEW places, or in puzzles, that would be cool, but this  is one of the few hardcore games that were on the ds, and I dont want a bunch of gimmicky motion controls slapped on just to say that the game uses them

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#12 [url]

Apr 10 11 1:26 PM

Dementium 3 could be 3DS, but right now, too many reports are coming in about people becoming sick playing 3DS games. I'm holding off purchasing one, and if I decide to get one, I will probably opt for a used model. It would be great if both formats were made available for Dementium 3, but that may not be feasible. I think RK would be better off going with a 2D Dementium, and, if the bugs are worked out of the 3DS player, come out with a 3D version and call it Dementium 4 3DS, with maybe an extra scene thrown in to entice those with the 2D version. But if this problem with 3DS systems continues, the issue may become moot. A game player that opens big, then quickly drops is not in a position to become a trend-setter anytime soon. Personally, I think this whole 3D madness will drop off soon, and in fact has been doing so over the past year and a half. Nothing in 3D has reached the percentage ratio for 3D audiences that Avatar did. The deciding factor this year for the future of 3D will be how well the audiences ratios are for the 3D versions of Thor and The Transformers. If their 3D audience box office takes are low, 3D may, by 2012, be solely the domain of CGI kids' films. At least until the next Avatar film opens.

One other problem: If Nintendo holds rights to the 3DS formatting itself, and since they are hyping 3DS games as being rated from E to T, then this does not bode well for M-Rated games like Dementium. Better a 2D version in all its gory glory than a toned-down T-Rated 3DS version. Just compare the M-Rated Call of Duty: Black Ops games with the T-Rated version for DS. 

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#13 [url]

Apr 12 11 6:41 AM

I think 3D is important for the feeling of being a part of the game - wich will increase the sense of horror 
for a horror-FPS. I look forward to Dementium 3D for the 3DS, powered by a brand new graphics engine.
The analouge stick, will gather a much better controll.

However, Im a bit diapointed that Nintendo didn't fit in 2 analouge sticks. Im not a fan of controlling shooters with the touch screen.

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