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Oct 17 10 3:26 PM

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So I recently watched the video in which Jools was asking what type of games that consumers and renegade fans would like to see, before I begin I'll just clear a couple of things up:
1. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, on initial glance this seems the most appropriate place to post a suggestion or idea.
2. I'm new, and this is my first post. I hope I don't mess  this up!
3. I apologise too if this is a bit essay like, it's just that I feel like I want to share my thoughts after playing three great titles on the DS.

Upon reading some existing suggestions in which some people are sort of saying make this but for ds make that but for DS I think this won't be possible due to patents/copyright issues. I also don't like the concept of porting a classic game or  another game from an existing console, especially with regard to the 3DS as it could potentially end up like the 3D movie industry in which everything is done with a machine and no real skill or effort is put into the work to produce the 3D effects/imagery/craftsmanship.

Without knowing the full power of the Nintendo 3DS and hearing that it's hard for developers to get their hands on the hardware itself I also believe it's possibly too early to try and suggest potential games until the true power of 3DS is known.

I am a firm believer of sticking with your bread and butter, while diversity is good, it's not always the safest option and can lead to long-term issues. Many people are aware of 'shovelware' ds titles that exist that were rushed games and didn't really find a core of gamers which contributed to their poor performance in the ever-developing video games market. It's not going to come as a surprise to some, but I believe that the Dementium franchise should go 3D!

It's really got all the potential attributes for success at a 3D level, with oncoming sprites in 3D and improved graphics/audio and a more powerful system to work with. Elements such as being able to jump and frighten the player can be done so with more effect, the idea of a huge mutant coming out and attacking me really excites me while being slightly unnerving at the same time.

Those who recently watched the nintendo tokyo press conference will have noticed the way the 3DS can be moved to work with the surroundings it's inside, imagine if you can turn your own rooms into lairs filled with monsters that need putting to sleep once and for all. The possibilities are certainly there to be explored.

I think for the game to really fit in with both the aims and possibitlies by the existence of the 3DS multiplayer gaming would need to be encorporated. I'm by no means an expert but I believe co-operative play could be something worth looking at for a game like dementium. Aswell as some competive modes too perhaps going through previous levels with rewards for completing the fastest or without dying etc.

Dementium 1 and 2 were really great games and I think a 3D edition on the nintendo 3DS would be welcomed with open arms by those who are familiar with the previous games, to bring in new customers the options with stereoscopic 3D horror and surprise will certainly lure in people who may not have played the previous games too.

Would love to hear some thoughts and opinions on this, thanks for reading (if you did) kind regards.

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Oct 21 10 3:14 PM

Yeah, youre right, I mean 60% of the 3DS games are Remakes. Well, there is only one horror-game on the 3DS ( Resident Evil: Mercenaries isn't a real game), so maybe Renegadekid could be one of the first developers for a real horror-game...

Remakes for the 3DS? Well, I think 3DS games have got more depth , so I don't know if you can get any customers with an 5H game.

LG: Chris

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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Oct 28 10 12:57 PM

mentioned in the topic that discusses games renegade kid should make, This could make some impossible games for the DS bocome possible on the 3DS. An example would be a battlefield style game with it being a futuristic theme or based off the MOON game.

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Oct 30 10 11:00 AM

I would like to describe what equipement/weapons each class has and hopefully persuade Renegade Kid to make such a game since there is no Battlefield-like game. My ideas are derived from Battlefield and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

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Oct 31 10 5:03 AM

I tihnk it would be cool if there would be "fast" modis, like Deathmatch, Last Swiss Standing, Capture the Flag, etc., and "slow" modis, like conquest (Battlefield).

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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Nov 1 10 1:44 PM

It can have those features, but only if there is enough room in the 3DS cartridge.
I'm think each class would have 2 or 3 weapons, and 2 or 1 gadget respectively.
1st slot (weapon)- Unlimited ammo but weak in power (engineer's is a wrench for multiple purposes)

2nd slot (weapon)- main weapon; choice between 1 dependant on class and 1 that all can use.

3rd slot (weapon/gadget)- dependant on class (soldier is a weapon) (Engineer and Medic/field ops) gadget) either dispenser or explosive weapon

4th slot (gadget)- dependent on class. Soldier has C4, Engineer has gun turrets or mines, and Medic/Field Ops have deployable radar or a redone RAD from MOON

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Nov 2 10 9:55 PM

going off topic for now, what would you like to see in a Dementium 3 game for 3DS?

Let me start

1. The zombie (Chest Maw) enemies most creeped me out in Dementium: The Ward, because they burst through doors and they can rise off the ground after playing dead. Like to see more of that in a sequel.

2. If a multiplayer is to be included in Dementium 3, other than Deathmatch, I would like to see unique modes that make it diverse from other FPS, such as melee mode where you can only use close combat weapons like the nightstick and electric buzzsaw from the first Dementium, or the shank and Sledgehammer from the second Dementium. Or even an "Infection" mode where one starts out as a zombie and has to kill the other players to infect them.

3. I would like to see the reflection of yourself in the mirrors to add to the creepy atmosphere.

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Nov 3 10 6:14 AM

I'd like to see Shadows and Lighting effects! This is one of the most important thing in Horror-Games.
Also, I'd likke to see more Storyline, and the importanst thing. D3 should be a real Horror-Game.
D2 had to much action (That are just my thougts...).

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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Nov 4 10 11:26 AM

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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