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Oct 18 10 10:45 AM

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Hi. I'm trying to defeat the Guardian III boss in Episode 13 in veteran mode and after like 50 times of trying, I can't beat this thing.

My tactic is to turn off all the door switches, shoot the three lights on its chest with SAR or Quanta Rifle and finish him off with the Fermion Sniper. Repeat. Sounds reasonable enough but the two flying thingys keeps pestering me and the bombs are sometimes unavoidable.

Does anybody have any tips on how to beat this boss?

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Nov 13 10 3:47 AM

It's been over a month already and nobody has replied. I take it nobody has ever tried defeating this boss in Hard Mode or just too lazy to reply? :( Well, just to let you know that I've beaten this insane boss using Action Replay for the DS. Yeah, it's cheating but whatever, I've got better things to do in my spare time. Sue me! XD

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