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Dec 6 10 8:29 PM

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So... an ATV game? Gotta say I did not see that coming. Was hoping for something else, but hey! I'll take what I can get from the best DS developer.

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Dec 8 10 3:11 PM

@ champi_escofier: Sorry if it sounds rough, but could you please speak English? My spanish isn't very good, I just understand that you don't like race games and that we are born with Dementium.

But Back to topic: Yeah the game looks really good! This are my impressions:

1. Gameplay: Seems to be very funny, arcade-styled, and fast. I don't like race games that much, but this seems to be very interesting.

2.Graphic: Well done, RK! Very Smooth, the levels look very detailed, exept the floor textures. They are looking...well...very pixaleted. But I think you won't see them at a high speed level.

3. Sound: I think the sound will be normal for an RK game: Just awesome and clear.

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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Dec 9 10 2:41 PM

I am not a big fan of racing games unless you can get weapons to take others out like the SNES game Battlecars. But the game looks like it runs really smooth and the graphics looks really well except for the ground but why would I be looking at the ground. I wish the multiplayer was single-card play instead of multi-card, so I can experiment with how well the multiplayer was established in the game.

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