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Jan 3 11 4:15 PM

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Hey Guys, I just looked a Jools Blog. There, he wrote that:

Right now, we’re in heavy get-new-projects mode. There is one 3DS title that we’re in talks about with a publisher. It is a really cool game. It would be a conversion of an existing title, which we would bring to the 3DS. Let’s call it code-named “Planet”. In theory, we’re very close to signing this deal with the publisher. But, anything can happen in the world of business, so all we can do is hope everything stays its course and we sign it soon.

Mmmhh Codename "Planet", conversion of an existing title.....

I think he's talking about a Moon 2.

What are your thoughts? And, if he's talking about Moon 2, what did he means with "conversion"?

Good night: Dementium4ever

Edit: Ooops, wrong topic, could someone please shift it?

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Sep 11 11 3:14 PM

Its not Moon 2, unfortuneately.  I forget the exact name, ....Planet Hopper or something.  He talks about it a bit more in one of his videos, I'll have to try and find it and link you to it.  The concept sounds cool and actually names the game.  I'll get back with the link.

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