Apr 14 11 5:24 PM

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first of all let me say it's really cool that you guys have this forum and that you read the messages posted here. So yeah dementium and Moon are a couple years old by now but I bought and played them only recently, and then i bought dementium 2 as well. So the first thing on my chest is just how amazing the storyline and atmosphere in all your games is. The way you show and imply things in Dementium 1 and 2 is masterful, especially in Dementium 2 which was an improvement over the first in all categories. If you keep up the improvement that you have shown in the first three games, there is no way that at least one of your next (similar) games would end up not being recognized on a much larger scale than they have up to now, at least that is what I hope. The story in Moon was really creative and something fresh. for me, it was very intense horror. I've seen and played my fair share of bloody or disturbing films and games, and I think someone else mentioned it in another topic here, but reading in detail about the processing and the background of it made for a very creepy, unsettling and intriguing experience, far more than in most other 'scary' games i've played. I usually don't get scared too quickly in games anymore, but both D2 and Moon got me to that point. That this was accomplished in Moon without screams or lots of gore is remarkable. The ethical and philosophical implications that were made here weren't less fascinating, this is really fresh and very welcome. I have played games for many years and I have passed the point at which I care to play a game more than once. but in the case of Moon and D2, I started over again RIGHT after the ending. The last time I did this must have been years ago.

There is only one little criticism I'd like to share - I think that in all three games the cutscenes are way too short and "fast". As if you ran out of space and had to shorten them at all costs and then sped them up. This takes away a bit from the atmosphere in all three games because the scenes don't have time to breathe, they don't have a soft beginning or ending and they make a rather "rough" impression. this is especially true for the endings. I'm also guessing this could have been a deliberate choice because the DS is portable and you wouldn't want to waste time on the go. But I guess that at the same time, the Dementium games aren't really games that too many people would play on the go (what's the point of playing a dark game in a well lit bus etc.)

One more thing - I noticed there is no soundtrack releases. I don't know about anyone else, but I personally would pay for a good quality digital download of the OSTs, and reading some other threads, I think I may be not alone with this. For me, the music in moon is one of the things that made the atmosphere so special. I also thought it was really cool how the sountrack of D2 would expand on the themes introduced in D1. Really great.

Anyway, I'm glad I found out about your games and that I got to playing them. I'll be looking forward to anything you make in the future. I'm sorry that you have to cancel projects because you don't get enough votes or views etc.. I sincerely hope this will change in the future.
Thanks for your time.