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Oct 1 11 11:23 AM

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Hi guys, I found the information about the beta version of game.

It is true that the game was three different bases and mission-mode?
If this is true, then why they are rejected?

also, i find screenshots of the test level of d2

sorry for mistakes. i am Italian -)

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Oct 7 11 4:27 AM

Thanks so fucking much for this info :D
I love to see beta versions of games, and how they've looked. Thanks for this interesting Link :)

You are like a mouse trapped in a maze, looking for it's cheese. But guess what, William? The cheese is all gone.

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May 24 12 9:12 PM

Hi guys, Gregg here, Art Director at Renegade Kid. I've been busier than a ChestMaw at a nudist camp and just haven't taken the time to comment in so long I should have to turn in my memebership card! Oh the shame!!

Anyway, I wanted to comment on how amazed I am that anyone was even able to find any info on the original "Village" demo that became D2. Wow!

I also wanted to give a shout out to the artist that helped me develop that demo, Erik McKenney, who sadly was not able to stay on with us past the demo. Times were crazy and we didn't know where what was going to happen so we lost a great artist to a more stable company. D2 would have been that much better if we could have kept him on.

Erik has worked with Sony On-Line and KingsIsle since he left us, as well as doing 2D art for "The Guild" which some of you fanboys should be familiar with if you're worth your salt.

Also, since it's hidden here in an old-old-old post I'll just say, we listen to your comments and BY ALL THAT IS UNHOLY we'll find a way to do another scarey-assed shooter for you. Someday. On some platform. And thanks for caring one way or the other.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the games we do. We really try to make a good game no matter what it is.

Peace! And keep punishing your thumbs!


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May 25 12 7:07 AM

Hey Gregg!  Always good to hear from you.

Can you comment on the member 's questions:

"It is true that the game was three different bases and mission-mode?
If this is true, then why they are rejected?"
Even if you can't, I think I wet myself with your comment of bring us another scary shooter!
I have a question myself, why can't it be Dementium 3?  Do Southpeak hold the rights to that name?  And the same with Mastiff and Moon?  Jools has said that if we want to see Dementium 3, we need to contact Southpeak.  But I've also seen him mention the prospect of another publisher.  Could Dementium 3 be released as an eShop game?
I gotta tell you guys, I was won over with Dementium: The Ward, bought it randomly three days after it released and I've supported you guys every since.  LOVE the Dementium games, but I really favor Moon and would love to see a sequel/prequel to that just as much, if not more, than Dementium 3.  I think its just the sci-fi nerd in me, being raised on both Star Wars and the Alien franchise, watching Alien (and being scared shitless and yet falling in love with it at the same time) as a child.
Anyway, my point is, whatever we, as fans, can do to see these games made and show our support, please tell us.  I will make every initiative possible!

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May 25 12 7:56 AM

Yeah, it seems South Peak owns the Dementium/Moon IP rights, so unless they can convince them, then the next horror FPS will only be a spiritual sequel to Dementium. :( South Peak seemed focus on making shovelware unfortunately.

Thankfully there is the eShop, so at least it's possible we'll get another RK FPS (and retro platformers!)

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May 25 12 11:40 AM

Well, Gamecock published Dementium: The Ward, then they were bought out by Southpeak.  Mastiff published Moon, then Southpeak published Dementium 2.

Southpeak does seem focuses on shovelware... doesn't make sense.  I know they were having some legal issues last year, but I never looked into it.  The legal stuff could be effecting their involvement with D3.

And as for Mastiff....  They had a 3DS game planned but I haven't heard much about it.  It was Heavy fire: Afganistan.  The Wii and 360versions bombed (nopun intended) so maybe after that, they decided to not chance the 3DS version.  It seemed too gimmicky anyway with too much focus on the gyroscopic abilities.

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