May 21 12 7:19 PM

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Hey there.  I'm obishawn.  I admin the Dementium 3D facebook page and twitter accounts.  I'm not affiliated with Renegade Kid, nor do I have special access to Jools.  You guys can contact him just as easily as I can (and you should, he's very friendly and often interacts with the fans).  I'm just a big fan who has been with them since the release of Dementium: The Ward, making walk throughs for both Dementium games on gamefaqs and, of course, pushing the initiative to see Dementium 3D get made.

Jools and Gregg do post here, but activity here died off after a while.  The guys are pretty busy working on games for us to play, so they may not post too often (I'm hoping they prove me wrong).  But we can get this place active again!  Some of the topics may be old, but feel free to revive any that may pique your interest.

I'm about to contact Jools and ask him to create boards for Mutant Mudds, Bomb Monkey, Face Racers ATV WIld Ride and Planet Crashers (he's the Admin here).  For now, if you want to discuss any of those games, begin your topics in the General forum.