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May 21 12 8:39 PM

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So, the May issue of Nintendo Power has a nice, two-page feature; part of it is Bomb Monkey coverage, the other part an interview with Jools.  I can't post a readable scan of the feature, but Nintendo Everything went through the trouble to detail it all in bullet poitns for your reading pleasure.

Lots of Bomb Monkey details

May 20th, 2012 Posted in 3DS, News, Posted by Valay
In case you haven’t heard, Renegade Kid’s next eShop game is Bomb Monkey. Nintendo Power was given an exclusive look at the title in its May issue, which includes the first official details and screenshots.
We’ve summarized all of the juicy information from the magazine below.
- Stylistically different from Renegade Kid’s previous games
- Arcade-style falling-block puzzler
- Hold the 3DS sideways to play
- Use control pad or Circle Pad to move your money back and forth along the top of the screen
- Press down to drop colored blocks wherever you see fit
- Stack is constantly growing, rises from the bottom of the screen
- If the stack reaches your monkey’s location, the game ends
- Randomly obtain access to bombs
- Use bombs to destroy nearby blocks
- Blocks that are next each other and have the same color can all be destroyed at once if they’re hit by a bomb
- Somewhat comparable to Super Puzzle Fighter II
- Need to hit locked blocks multiple times to destroy
- Special red boxes can destroy an entire row or column of blocks when detonated
- Position red blocks strategically to set up massive combs that take out nearly all blocks in sight
- Destroy spheres marked with letters to spell the word BOMB
- This allows you to enter Bomb Monkey Time
- Bomb Monkey Time: drop unlimited boxes temporarily
- Endless mode included
- Destroy as many blocks and rack up as high a score as possible before you lose in Endless mode
- Rescue mode: destroy a cage with bombs in order to free another monkey
- Numbers mode: Destroy numbered spheres in the correct order
- Versus and co-op modes: play with a friend using one 3DS
- Friend controls his monkey with the X, A, B buttons
- Action takes place over both screens in versus and co-op

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May 25 12 8:08 AM

Got to play a bit at PAX, it takes a bit to adjust to the game but it seemed like a really solid puzzler. Looking forward to it when I get my 3DS (waiting until E3... less than two weeks, come on...)

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