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May 25 12 8:03 AM

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Finally came in the mail yesterday. Please forgive me for not getting it earlier, I was a poor kid with crappy Gamestops who didn't have it in stock (not to mention the release date shenanigans) and no way to order it online. :(

But now I can order things online! Ha ha! Being an adult is pretty cool sometimes.

Anyways I knew I needed to get this after meeting Jools at PAX last month. Dementium is one of my favorite DS games and it felt weird gushing about it without playing its ostensibly much better sequel...

Well it's here now, and it's new! At least I'm pretty sure it is. Hopefully it is, then my sale will "count." I emailed South Peak earlier as directed by @Dementium3D on Twitter but sales speak louder than words as they say. :)

Hopefully I can meet up with Jools again soon so he can sign this one as well. :D


Impressions to come! I still have last August's playthrough of the first game "fresh" in my mind, kind of, so it'll be interesting to see how this compares. I'm expecting great things.

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